Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Yacht Vacation

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If you love the water and want to plan a unique holiday for yourself? Why not choose a yacht vacation through a place like Bed N Boats? This is much like staying in a hotel except that you stay on the yacht and may travel to a certain destination or visit certain ports during your stay. Before you opt for a yacht vacation, note a few important questions to ask so you know what the trip entails and are sure to choose the right vacation for yourself.

1. Ask what travel documents you will need

Don't assume that just because you're planning on staying on the yacht when it docks in a certain port that you can forego a passport and visa for that country. Immigration or customs agents may ask for travel papers of everyone who is on the yacht, even if you don't disembark. Ask the yacht agency what travel papers you will need as this will vary according to the ports and countries they visit, your country of origin, and the like.

2. Ask if there is WiFi and other such amenities onboard

Some yachts may have very strong antennas that can pick up WiFi and other such signals, whereas there may be destinations you'll be visiting that won't have such strong signals. If you must check your email or surf the internet during your yachting vacation, always ask if you can rely on their WiFi provider rather than assuming you'll be able to log on while sailing.

3. Note if they provide water toys

If you're thinking of doing any water skiing, snorkeling, tubing, rafting, and other such activities while on the water, be sure you ask if they provide these items for you. If not, you also need to ask if you bring your skis, tube, and the like. Don't assume they'll be provided and don't assume your room will have space for these items, but always ask about them ahead of time.

4. Ask if there is a minimum age for yachting

Some charter companies may have a minimum age for those on the yacht, as infants or very young children may not be safe when on the deck and may be a distraction to other passengers. If you're planning a vacation for your family, ensure you ask about a minimum age and if you need to do anything for them to accommodate your children; this might mean an added fee for children's life vests, an added cleaning deposit for your room, and the like.