Why You Should Be Looking out for the Best of British Foods on Your Next Tour

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In all honesty, Britain is rarely classified towards the top of the list when it comes to culinary delights and specialty food. While you may initially think of the splendours of France or Italy when it comes to satisfying your palate, you might nevertheless be surprised by some of the regional staples and delicacies offered throughout the British Isles. If you're thinking of embarking on a food tour through a company like Food Lovers Tours, Ltd., what are some of the top food items you should be looking for?

Pork Pie

If you're in the mood for a snack, a pork pie is ideal. They come in various different sizes and were originally developed as a snack for the landed gentry, as they set out on hunting parties. It's quite simple and is made from brittle brown pastry which melts in your mouth, within which is a nice filling made from chopped pork.

Yorkshire Pudd

When you're in the north-east of England in the county of Yorkshire, be on the lookout for their famous pudding. This is not a "pudding" in the sweet sense of the word however, but a special accompaniment to a traditional Sunday roast dinner.

A Slice of Tart?

To satisfy your sweet tooth, make sure that somebody makes you a slice of Bakewell tart. This is a delightful pastry creation that is filled with almond sponge and jam. It goes very well with the traditional British cup of tea and has been popular for some time, especially in the north of England.

A Holiday Treat

If you visit in time for Christmas, you're in for a treat. You've simply got to try a traditional mince pie. But don't expect mincemeat within the crusty exterior. This has long since been replaced by a heady mixture of brandy, spices and dried fruit. They are exquisite when eaten straight from the oven, but you might also want to try one or two cold, with a side of clotted cream.

Fish and Chips

Finally, a food tour of Britain would hardly be complete without a big portion of fish and chips. The chip, although often imitated, was originated in the UK many years ago and is traditionally crisp. It goes perfectly with a nice, battered fish such as cod or haddock. You will find a variety of first-class fish and chip shops across Britain for your tasting pleasure.

There's More

Wherever you go across this relatively diminutive country you will find local delicacies. Make sure that you sample each, so that you can finally put to bed any misconception you may have about British food.